How to Install a Garbage Disposal

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In this post I’ll go over how basic it is to install a garbage disposal. It really isn’t  hard guys so just do it and be a man.

1 Turn off the power to the trash crusher; Use the instrument to ensure power is off.
2 Disconnect the power cord from the bottom of the arrangement.
3 Remove the drain hose from the side of the drain.
4 Loosen the locking ring and remove the old arrangement.
5 Loosen the mounting ring under the sink.
6 Remove the locking ring with a screwdriver.
7 Push the sink flange out of the drain hole in the sink; Clean and remove the old putty.
8 Apply a bead of plumber’s putty around to sink the flange, then set in the drain hole.
9 Reattach the mounting ring to the bottom of the sink; tighten the screws.
10 Remove excess mastic from around top of sink flange.
11 Reconnect the power cord to the outlet.
12. Join the arrangement for the locking ring; Tighten with a screwdriver
13 Connect the drain hose and the rubber seal of the drain line to the arrangement.

this shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours. However if you cant manage it by yourself then you can always call a professional company like Charlotte Plumbing if you happen to be in the North Carolina area.