How to choose a good knife

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Choosing a good knife is hard. We will go over all the different options you have.


1. get a good blade

The utility of a knife is determined by the blade. Depending on the shape of this will be the application of the knife as a tool. First of all say that with all the knives you will be able to do the same even occasionally, only with one will be easier tasks than others because they will be designed to be used for another purpose. Let’s look at the most common types that can be found.

2. the spike

The spigot is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. The spike can be full (occupy the entire handle) semi-complete (occupies the entire length of the handle but narrows) or half (only occupies a small part of the handle).

The complete spike is very resistant while the middle spikes are more easily broken, leaving separate blade and handle. The medium spike is usually used in knives of small dimensions.

3. the handle

The handle can be made of wood, plastic or metal. My recommendation is always wood because it is a material that doesn’t slide in the hand. This is especially important in hard and prolonged work in which the hand begins to sweat. As for plastic, there are many different types and with different textures, so it is complex to approach.

As for the shape can be rounded or straight, mainly. The rounded shape allows a better grip with the hand, more comfortable and natural. The completely straight handles are somewhat more uncomfortable to grasp and by working long, especially hard work in which we are applying force will start to hurt the dorsal from the hand, below the little finger (at least that’s what happens to me).

Some people mimic the way of grasping with the fingers. These knives depend a little on each one, I have tried some that were uncomfortable and others that were just the opposite. I guess it depends on the hand you have. I personally do not like them. If you use the knife to carve for example it comes very well, but when you hit something with the knife or you do “batoning” the hand moves you and you have to be correcting the grip continuously because it hurts to press with the finger where it is not supposed to go.

If you need a really good handle then buy a top tactical knife, as they have the best ones.


I have tried to summarize the essentials when choosing a knife, which is the handle and the blade. There are other aspects to keep in mind, especially in knives to which they want to give another utility, but this entry is intended to help beginners know how to choose their first survival knife or for bushcraft.

My recommendation is to choose a knife with full spike handle and wooden handle, with a tip-down blade or a bowie type. I think they are the most versatile and easy to handle.

So far my modest guide, I hope I have cleared some doubt.