5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

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Southeast Asia is home to some of the best tourist spots in the world, without a doubt. For a lot of regular travel junkies, however, you can’t beat all the sights and perks of Thailand. You don’t have to stay in Bangkok to truly appreciate all of the wonders – there are islands, people and food ready to be experienced by you.These are just some of the reasons why you should go now.

Legendary Spicy Food

OK, let’s get this out of the way – the food is incredible there. You’ve probably had Thai at your local spot, but you really haven’t experienced it until you go to the motherland. The flavors change drastically by region. Of course, you’re dealing with some food well-known for bordering on nuclear but you can order to lower levels of spiciness if you want. And surprisingly enough, some of the best dishes aren’t in restaurants, but come from the street vendors!

thaiBudget trips

There are so many outstanding locations throughout Thailand and the best part is that it’s cheap to get to most of them. You can take a flight from Bangkok to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai from under 100 dollars round-trip. There are tickets for trains that pass by scenic rice paddy fields that are under fifty round-trip. You can pick what’s in your price range, or what you want to get out of your experience.

Crazy Festivals

Thailand knows how to make a great party. Songkran, their New Year’s festival, is filled with filled with water fights and colorful clothing. Phi Ta Khon Has men wearing masks and costumes with long trails, playing around with people in the public with, ahem, artificial private parts. The Monkey Buffet Festival that takes place north of Bangkok has thousands of cocky little macaques gorge on tons of fruits, veggies and even soda.

girlSmiling, Happy People

There is a reason Thailand has the nickname “The Land of Smiles”. The Thai people can be very friendly, and their overall laid back culture of the country brings that out of them. Some people also think their smiles have different shades, from ecstatic to devious, but it’s best to just consider it for what it is – a sign of what comes of a happy person. Just make sure you’re the one to smile first. On a side note the ladies are very accommodating to foreign guys and any white guy on the dating sites is swarmed with messages.  The best one is Thai Cupid in my opinion.  Here’s a good Thai Cupid review.

Island Love

Most tourists believe that Thailand have some of the best islands in the world. The beaches have some of the loveliest white sands you can find anywhere. In environmentally-protected islands you can relax in grass huts. Some have perfect points for snorkeling and scuba diving just itching to see the reefs and marine life under them warm waters. Some have many festivals and exceptional local food you have to try out. They island hopping is fun to do too, if you plan it right.


A Thai Paradise

The country is not just the center of a stunning peninsula but a cultural wonderland. From its fancy hotels and malls to the rundown yet picaresque huts, the sights and sounds bring in something you won’t find in a regular vacation.