Best Sled Dogs

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The comparison between the Siberian husky vs Alaskan malamute for sleds is very common, not only for its appearance but also for its origin and its use.

Both dog breeds have traditionally been used in cold areas such as sled dogs to carry loads and people through the snow.

Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky belong to separate races. Both were bred as sled dogs in very harsh northern climates, but the malamute has generally pulled heavier loads.

Due to their origins, these dogs can live as domestic or outdoor dogs in moderate climates.


The malamute is the oldest of the two races, taking its name from the Inuit tribe of the Mahlemuts. After the Europeans settled in the upper western part of Alaska, malamutes were also used for dog sled races.

The Chukchi people of northeastern Asia gave birth to the Siberian husky, also as a sled animal. The Chukchi did not cross the husky with other dogs, keeping the purebred until the 19th century. The Huskies were brought to Alaska by the Americans in the early years of the 20th century to compete in dog sled races.


The malamute is a little bigger than the husky. An adult malamute ranges from 75 to 85 pounds, measuring between 23 and 25 inches tall up to the shoulder. Males are larger than females.

A fully grown husky weighs between 35 to 60 pounds and measures 20 to 23.5 inches in height to the shoulder. Once again, the females are smaller than the males.


The malamute is a robust dog with a firm skeleton. Its thick layer of hairs ranges from light gray to red. The only solid color permissible under the breed standard is pure white. Its top layer is thick, while the inner layer is oily. This combination protects it in severe cold conditions. Malamutes have dark eyes, not blue.

For its part, the husky has a more abundant and soft coated than the malamute. Its inner layer, although dense, is also soft. Any color is accepted for this breed. These dogs are known for their blue eyes, but it is also common to see them with brown eyes or each with a different color.


While both breeds can be good pets, the malamute may be a little more suitable than its neighbor Siberia, becoming a loyal companion for its owner.

Although friendly, Huskies need the constant presence of people or other dogs to feel safe. They are undoubtedly charging dogs. Highly driven by their hunting instincts, the Eskimo dogs, as they are also known, are not particularly trustworthy with cats.


Both breeds require daily grooming and care. Without regular brushing, tangles can form on the hair, eventually growing and causing some skin infection. Surely you do not want to have the hair of a husky or malamute flying around your house, and these guys tend to throw a lot.

How to choose a good knife

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Choosing a good knife is hard. We will go over all the different options you have.


1. get a good blade

The utility of a knife is determined by the blade. Depending on the shape of this will be the application of the knife as a tool. First of all say that with all the knives you will be able to do the same even occasionally, only with one will be easier tasks than others because they will be designed to be used for another purpose. Let’s look at the most common types that can be found.

2. the spike

The spigot is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. The spike can be full (occupy the entire handle) semi-complete (occupies the entire length of the handle but narrows) or half (only occupies a small part of the handle).

The complete spike is very resistant while the middle spikes are more easily broken, leaving separate blade and handle. The medium spike is usually used in knives of small dimensions.

3. the handle

The handle can be made of wood, plastic or metal. My recommendation is always wood because it is a material that doesn’t slide in the hand. This is especially important in hard and prolonged work in which the hand begins to sweat. As for plastic, there are many different types and with different textures, so it is complex to approach.

As for the shape can be rounded or straight, mainly. The rounded shape allows a better grip with the hand, more comfortable and natural. The completely straight handles are somewhat more uncomfortable to grasp and by working long, especially hard work in which we are applying force will start to hurt the dorsal from the hand, below the little finger (at least that’s what happens to me).

Some people mimic the way of grasping with the fingers. These knives depend a little on each one, I have tried some that were uncomfortable and others that were just the opposite. I guess it depends on the hand you have. I personally do not like them. If you use the knife to carve for example it comes very well, but when you hit something with the knife or you do “batoning” the hand moves you and you have to be correcting the grip continuously because it hurts to press with the finger where it is not supposed to go.

If you need a really good handle then buy a top tactical knife, as they have the best ones.


I have tried to summarize the essentials when choosing a knife, which is the handle and the blade. There are other aspects to keep in mind, especially in knives to which they want to give another utility, but this entry is intended to help beginners know how to choose their first survival knife or for bushcraft.

My recommendation is to choose a knife with full spike handle and wooden handle, with a tip-down blade or a bowie type. I think they are the most versatile and easy to handle.

So far my modest guide, I hope I have cleared some doubt.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

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In this post I’ll go over how basic it is to install a garbage disposal. It really isn’t  hard guys so just do it and be a man.

1 Turn off the power to the trash crusher; Use the instrument to ensure power is off.
2 Disconnect the power cord from the bottom of the arrangement.
3 Remove the drain hose from the side of the drain.
4 Loosen the locking ring and remove the old arrangement.
5 Loosen the mounting ring under the sink.
6 Remove the locking ring with a screwdriver.
7 Push the sink flange out of the drain hole in the sink; Clean and remove the old putty.
8 Apply a bead of plumber’s putty around to sink the flange, then set in the drain hole.
9 Reattach the mounting ring to the bottom of the sink; tighten the screws.
10 Remove excess mastic from around top of sink flange.
11 Reconnect the power cord to the outlet.
12. Join the arrangement for the locking ring; Tighten with a screwdriver
13 Connect the drain hose and the rubber seal of the drain line to the arrangement.

this shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours. However if you cant manage it by yourself then you can always call a professional company like Charlotte Plumbing if you happen to be in the North Carolina area.

How to Choose a kitchen Faucet

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Choosing a kitchen faucet is always a daunting task.  There are so many different models out there that you probably don’t know where to begin. The thing is that it really doesnt matter exactly what faucet you choose unless you have very particular taste.  The best thing to to is to make sure that you do your research and get one that is good for your needs.

There are many different types that include pulldown, pullout, motion sensor etc like this koher model.  I would recommend that one for just about everyone and it has served me very well.  If you are on a budget then there are quite a lot of other ones that will serve you very well.  Just check out that site in the link and you will surely find a good kitchen faucet for your needs.

As for what to do with the installation you just need to hire a plumber.  Refer to my article about plumbing companies and how not to get scammed.  Better safe than sorry.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

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Southeast Asia is home to some of the best tourist spots in the world, without a doubt. For a lot of regular travel junkies, however, you can’t beat all the sights and perks of Thailand. You don’t have to stay in Bangkok to truly appreciate all of the wonders – there are islands, people and food ready to be experienced by you.These are just some of the reasons why you should go now.

Legendary Spicy Food

OK, let’s get this out of the way – the food is incredible there. You’ve probably had Thai at your local spot, but you really haven’t experienced it until you go to the motherland. The flavors change drastically by region. Of course, you’re dealing with some food well-known for bordering on nuclear but you can order to lower levels of spiciness if you want. And surprisingly enough, some of the best dishes aren’t in restaurants, but come from the street vendors!

thaiBudget trips

There are so many outstanding locations throughout Thailand and the best part is that it’s cheap to get to most of them. You can take a flight from Bangkok to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai from under 100 dollars round-trip. There are tickets for trains that pass by scenic rice paddy fields that are under fifty round-trip. You can pick what’s in your price range, or what you want to get out of your experience.

Crazy Festivals

Thailand knows how to make a great party. Songkran, their New Year’s festival, is filled with filled with water fights and colorful clothing. Phi Ta Khon Has men wearing masks and costumes with long trails, playing around with people in the public with, ahem, artificial private parts. The Monkey Buffet Festival that takes place north of Bangkok has thousands of cocky little macaques gorge on tons of fruits, veggies and even soda.

girlSmiling, Happy People

There is a reason Thailand has the nickname “The Land of Smiles”. The Thai people can be very friendly, and their overall laid back culture of the country brings that out of them. Some people also think their smiles have different shades, from ecstatic to devious, but it’s best to just consider it for what it is – a sign of what comes of a happy person. Just make sure you’re the one to smile first. On a side note the ladies are very accommodating to foreign guys and any white guy on the dating sites is swarmed with messages.  The best one is Thai Cupid in my opinion.  Here’s a good Thai Cupid review.

Island Love

Most tourists believe that Thailand have some of the best islands in the world. The beaches have some of the loveliest white sands you can find anywhere. In environmentally-protected islands you can relax in grass huts. Some have perfect points for snorkeling and scuba diving just itching to see the reefs and marine life under them warm waters. Some have many festivals and exceptional local food you have to try out. They island hopping is fun to do too, if you plan it right.


A Thai Paradise

The country is not just the center of a stunning peninsula but a cultural wonderland. From its fancy hotels and malls to the rundown yet picaresque huts, the sights and sounds bring in something you won’t find in a regular vacation.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company

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machineChoosing a carpet cleaning company can be a daunting task.  There are usually a wide variety of companies to choose from and they all promise to give you amazing results.  So who should you choose?  Well we have experience in business and have decided to give a few tips that should help you weed out the inferior companies and get the most bang for your buck.

Do They Have Reviews?

Online reviews are one of the best ways to check the history of a company before you hire them.  Most companies will have at least some online presence and if they care at all about getting more business then they will happily display reviews on their website.  So all you really have to do is check out their site and see if they have any displayed.  If they don’t then you shouldnt discount them immediately.  They could be a good company that just relies on word of mouth to get business.  Some sites like yelp, yellow pages, and angies list can help in verifying the credibility of the company.

Give Them a Call

Sometimes one of the  best ways to get to know a carpet cleaning company is just to give them a call.  You can learn a lot about a person just from talking on the phone with them and you might be able to pick up some information based on how they handle themselves on the call.


Do Your Research

The final step that should be taken is to do your due diligence and research beforehand.  The first and easiest thing to do is just a quick google search of the company and the owners name if you can find it. You might be surprised, sometimes a simple search can reveal jobs gone bad and complaints against the owner.  Sites like ripoff report and BBB can give a lot of insight.  You can also read a guide on how to choose a carpet cleaner like this one that is actually written by a carpet cleaning company.

That wraps up our tips on how to choose the best carpet cleaning company to care for your floors.  We hope that you got some good tips out of this article.

Richmond VA Business Spotlight

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The city of Richmond in Virginia is a great place for just about anybody.  There is a thriving group of businesses that populate the area and enough jobs and opportunities to go around.  If you happen to be in this area then we recommend that you check out some of the sights as there are a lot of them.

A recent survey on thumbtack said that the overall standard of service in Richmond is very high.  The city scored extremely well on almost every category and is a great place to start almost any kind of business.  Categories such as overall friendliness and ease of starting a business scored the highest while categories such as tax code and zoning scored a bit lower.

The best types of businesses in Richmond would be ones that revolve around home improvement.  The reason for this is that the ease of starting up makes it easy for people that don’t know much about the technical aspects.  There are also a lot of different people that can get jobs because of the high population.  Carpet cleaning is a very popular trade out here and there are many companies that provide carpet cleaning in Richmond VA.

This doesn’t mean that you cant go with another type of business though.  Anything from law to medical practice is fine in this amazing city.

Fixing a Broken Toilet

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The other day my toilet broke. I’m no plumber but I’m also not one to back down from a challenge.  I decided to put my handyman skills to the test and attempt to fix it myself.

A broken toilet can be a major source of nuisance for homeowners and professional repairs can often cost much more than many people expect. Even a toilet that works and runs continuously or suffer leaks can waste water, increase the water bill, and lead to unpleasant disturbances or noise. Fortunately, many common problems plaguing a broken toilet are easy to solve, and require only basic tools and supplies. The first step in the toilet repair to become familiar with how a toilet works and overlook the device to see if the adaptation of a number of components in the tank will solve the problem. In some cases, you will need tools such as a plunger or hose.

Not mine thankfully...

Not mine thankfully…

For a handful of broken toilets, the problem can usually solved by the re connecting of the chain connecting the handle with the flap. To resolve this issue, raise the toilet tank lid and inspect the area where the handle is in the tank. If the chain has become loose from the end of the handle then tighten it in order to solve the problem. If the chain is always connected, but still not flushing when you press the handle, try to shorten the chain instead. Sometimes the chain is twisted or simply entangled, and can be easily repaired by hand.

If it’s not flushing and is clogged, start with the aid of a plunger to clear the clogged pipe. Align the end of the piston cup on the hole in the bottom of the bowl and vigorously move the handle up and down like a piston. If this does not work, place a plumbing snake into the pipe and down on the toilet to clear the blockage. Look for padded toilet snakes instead of sewer lines with sharp edges.

When a broken toilet seems to run continuously or fill, the problem often lies in the valve assembly. Look in the toilet tank and make sure the flap is just above the hole in the toilet bowl. If not, the base component cleaned to remove mineral buildup and other debris. If the edges of the flap are cracked or broken, replace it with a new device to prevent leaks. For toilets that continue to leak, check the float at the top of the tank and make sure it is not touching the sides of the tank.

If the problem is with a broken toilet lid or cracked seat, remove the bolts at the base of the seat and replace damaged parts. Install the bolts to keep new lid or seat in place. Cracks in the bowl or tank itself, all the toilets should be replaced.

If you’re feeling brave then try some of the above solutions, if not then just call a nearby plumber.